Process Post 7 – Making Changes

This week, we read the peer review that was written about our blog and were challenged to apply the critiques that were made. This peer review was focused on design, and my classmate, Tobi, who is also the creator of tobi’s routine, was assigned to asses the overall design of my blog. She provided me with some wonderful feedback that included a couple of critiques for me to work on.

After the initial creation of my blog, I was quite reluctant to make anymore changes when I reached the point where I was content with the design as it took so much effort to get to where I had, I didn’t want to ruin it with the click of a button (which is totally something I would do). There are changes I’ve been wanting to make, especially with the Blog and Academics sections, however I’ve been too nervous to do so. Tobi’s review of my blog design was the perfect opportunity and push to start making some of these changes.

One of Tobi’s critiques of my blog was the colour contrast. After reading this and taking a second look at my blog, I realized she was totally correct. For my Blog and Academics sections, I was using a light pink colour for titles on top of a white background. Our guest speaker for our class on website design, Mauvé Page, mentioned that having light coloured text on top of a light coloured background can be difficult to read for some people. I wanted to keep the pink colour as it matches the homepage of my website, so instead of changing the colour completely, I decided to darken the pink. While doing this, I also noticed that the text of my context was light grey, which can also be difficult to read on top of a white background. Mauvé Page mentioned that WordPress likes to use this as the default text colour for some reason, so I switched it to a nice and bold black. For a long time now, I haven’t been happy with the typeface I had for the Blog and Academics sections. With some playing around, I finally figured out how to change it (about time)! I decided with the typeface you see now because it seemed like a friendly, welcoming typeface that is also easy to read. I had another typeface I wanted to use, however I knew from looking at it that it was not going to be readable for some people as it was quite skinny. I have come to realize that this is important to keep in mind when designing your website. You as the creator may like certain features, but if your audience cannot read your website because of it, then it’s doing you no good.

Another critique of my blog that Tobi mentioned was the consistency with photos. Originally, I had not included display photos for a couple of my first blog posts as I was still navigating how to use WordPress. As a way to improve the rhythm of my blog and predictability for the viewers, she mentioned to include display photos for all of my blog posts, so that’s what I did! I went back and edited my posts to include display photos for each one. Looking at it now, this addition has given my Blog section a lot more rhythm and flow. Over time I will figure out how to adjust the sizes of the display photos so each one is the same size because, as Tobi mentioned, the proportions are a bit off which can be slightly distracting for the viewer.

Thank you, Tobi, for the wonderful feedback on my blog! Hopefully these slight changes have improved the viewing experience of my blog. 🙂

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