Process Post 6 – Is Anybody Out There?

When reflecting on who the audience of my blog may be, I found myself hoping that my audience isn’t just one group of people. Although the design of my blog may be geared towards females, I believe the content I create is applicable to everyone. Ideally, I want this blog to attract a wide range of people, creating a unique kind of public engaging with my blog. Saying this however, I do understand how kindness and being kind is seen as an expectation of females and less so of men. I understand how my blog may be considered as “fruity” to some men due to this assumption that females are more kind and loving than men are. The majority of comments I have received on my blog, online and in person, have been mostly from females. In this sense, I believe the audience my blog attracts is mainly female. However, I believe my blog attracts females from a wide range of niches as kindness is universal and not specific to one group of people.

The audience who views my blog has not had much influence on my design and editorial decisions so far. My attitude towards this would be different though if I was using this platform as a tool to run a business and gain customers because as our guest speaker, Steve Pratt, mentioned in his presentation, consumers have all the power now when it comes to choosing their media. Due to the abundance of media available, consumers are able to choose what they do and don’t want to view, making company choices completely at the hands of their customers. However, I do not run a business and I do not need to bring in customers, therefore, this is not the goal of my blog. I believe that kindness can be spread from simply reaching one person, and if only one person views my blog (which based on my Google Analytics, more than one person has) and has been inspired, than the goal of my blog has been fulfilled. However this does not mean that I am not open to suggestions! Of course if I receive a request from an audience member to write about something they would like to read that relates to the blog theme, I would be more than happy to do so! However, gaining followers is not the main goal of this blog.

Of course I would love to reach as people as possible to spread the message of kindness, but I believe our culture has put too much emphasis on follower count. That one person who views my blog may be inspired to show kindness to someone, who then is inspired to show kindness to another person, and now a ripple effect of kindness has been created. This is why, for my blog, I am not interested in numbers, followers and analytics. Although being able to gain a following is an important skill that many companies now aspire do through social media, this blog is not a business. In that sense, I let the people come to me if they so desire. I promote my posts on Facebook when I publish them, and from there, I leave the rest to fate.

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