Peer Review #1

Sofia Sullivan

This week, I received the pleasure of reviewing Sofia Sullivan’s wonderful blog! Sofia has a beautiful blog discussing beauty, fashion, and her overall lifestyle. I absolutely adore the design she chose for her blog and I believe the content she is putting out matches it perfectly! Since lifestyle blogs are about the creator’s personal lifestyle, I believe if the design matches who they are and their aesthetic, it is a great design. As far as the design and website being functional and easy for the reader to navigate, I think Sofia did a great job! She included lots of tags, making it easy for the reader to find topics that interest them right away. This will especially be a useful organizational tool when our websites begin to accumulate a significant amount of posts. It’s very proactive of her that she’s already established this large library of tags. Sofia’s overall organization of her website is very functional as she has designated categories for each post and the posts are on topic to the category they are in. On the top right hand corner, there are also links to her social medias making it easy to find her elsewhere.

Sofia has clearly articulated her online self so far and I believe as the semester goes on this will develop further with the more she posts. The combination of the content she is putting out, as well as the inclusion of her other social medias onto her website, helps construct her online self and how her readers perceive her. In regards to her content, I enjoy the variation of in-depth posts like, No makeup, makeup look, as well as short, quick reads like, What I pack in my carry on. I also enjoy the light-heartedness of her content that also has practical, every-day use to it!

A couple of things Sofia could work on include the editing and proofreading of her posts. I enjoyed the casual tone of her writing that made it sound like we were having a one-on-one conversation. There were some points that the typos were a little distracting and took away from the content. These typos were small and could be easily fixed with a proofread before posting (example: repetition of words, improper use of words like “your” used as a contraction for “you are”). Another thing Sofia could work on is going into depth with her Process Posts. They were very short and didn’t relate back to the course content/readings. These Process Posts are a great opportunity to reflect and go into depth about your experiences related to the course content. ๐Ÿ™‚

This next part is a personal preference as I noticed Sofia includes lots of links in her posts (which is awesome!). I find when you’re including links in your posts, it looks a little cleaner if you imbed the links in a word (like what I did in the first paragraph) instead of including the full URL. This is an option that is available when writing your post in WordPress. The same button also has an option to open the link in a new tab when you click on it instead of opening the website in the same tab and taking the reader away from your blog. Just a tip in case Sofia wants to try it out! ๐Ÿ™‚

Overall, great job Sofia! Can’t wait to see how your blog progresses over the semester!

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