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I want to express a sincere thank you to Elise Patricelli for creating The Kindness Lifestyle’s official logo! Elise is a fantastic artist who creates beautiful drawings like the one you see here. Her art centres around empowering people to love themselves for who they are. How amazing is that! Thank you for making our world a kinder place, Elise!

I let Elise have creative freedom with my logo, however I did request her to create an image of someone holding an umbrella over someone else. I had this random act of kindness happen to me when I was walking in Vancouver one rainy day without an umbrella or hood when all of a sudden I felt the rain stop. I looked up and noticed that someone had covered me with their umbrella to help me from getting absolutely soaked. Not only did this random act of kindness turn my day around, we also ended up having a sweet conversation on the walk to our destination. The logo represents what I aspire this blog to be about; simple acts of kindness that create a ripple effect across people’s lives. The man who shared his umbrella with me that day probably does not remember our encounter, but I do, and I think about it every time I see a little opportunity to spread kindness throughout my day. The smallest acts of kindness have the capability of leaving the greatest impacts on people’s lives, which I hope this logo conveys. I also thought this image could be a metaphor for kindness in general. When you see someone in the middle of a ‘life rainstorm,’ be the person who shares their umbrella.

Elise’s art Instagram account is @bare.being if you would like to check out more of her work! You can also contact her for customized artwork by direct messaging her on Instagram or emailing her at


2 thoughts on “New logo!”

  1. Meg, your logo was excellently chosen and crafted. And Elise, thanks for spreading your work to us. It looks excellent on the front page now as well.

    Today, in class, you mentioned that you were interested in sharing stories about kind deeds that we have experienced. I would love to collaborate with you and swap stories (as well as guest posts or interviews, perhaps?)

    I couldn’t find your contact information, but I figured that you would see this comment. Please contact me when you can.

    Have a nice day!

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