Mini Assignment #4 – Remix Something!

For this Mini Assignment, I decided to remix the image I created for my Mini Assignment #3, Mid-Semester. To create Mid-Semester, I gathered a collection of images that demonstrated the feelings that myself, and many other students feel during the mid-point of the Spring semester. I included images that were dark, gloomy, and a little bit sad, as I wanted to focus on the literal and figurative darkness that consumes the first half of the Spring semester while it’s still Winter and midterm season is in full swing.

For my remix of Mid-Semester, I decided to change the images to show the feelings of being past that mid-point and onto the final stretch of the Spring semester. This usually comes after Reading Break when students have had a chance to relax and rejuvenate a little bit. With my below average photo editing skills, I made the image brighter to show the transition from the beginning of the semester when it’s still Winter into the last half of the semester when it’s Spring. I also tried to change the background in one of the images from a dark sky, to a somewhat blue sky with a sun shining to emulate a Spring day. I changed the frowns of the girls on the bottom two images to smiles to show the excitement of being almost done the semester. Finally, I added an A+ on the image of the girl sleeping on her book to show that her hard work is paying off!

Remix of Mid-Semester

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