Mini Assignment #2 – Superhero Guest Post

Hello world! My name is Diana, but you probably know me better as Wonder Woman.

Image from: Warner Bros/Wonder Woman public publicity photo

In between saving our beloved world from evil, I like to brows the web for new and exciting blogs to read! The other day, I came across this up and coming blog called The Kindness Lifestyle. The title alone intrigued me right away as I believe a huge part of defending the world from evil is kindness. I got in touch with Megan, the creator of The Kindness Lifestyle, and she was so kind to ask me to be featured as a guest post! A lot of people don’t realize that you don’t have to be a superhero to battle evil in this world. This battle against evil happens everyday with each and everyone of us when we make the conscious choice to be kind and spread joy in our world. The battle isn’t always physical like everyone sees in our movies.

This is why I’m so happy I stumbled upon this blog. I don’t believe people realize the extent to which their actions impact others in their lives or even strangers they come across. Everyone thinks that kindness needs to be a grand gesture, but it really doesn’t. Everyone knows me from my movies where all they see me do is save the world, but in my everyday life, I’ve witnessed how the smallest of gestures make some of the biggest impacts on people’s lives. Not only does Megan talk about the importance of being kind to others, but she also made a post about the importance of being kind to yourself! It takes a lot of confidence and courage to be a superhero, which doesn’t develop overnight. Everyone sees our bravest and bad a** moments on the big screen, however it took a long time for us to get to that point. Confidence comes from knowing your self worth, without a doubt. It took me years to realize my self worth and truly love myself. This is still something I work on everyday. The post Megan made about being kind to yourself first and foremost made me feel less alone in my self-love journey, as I’m sure it did for all of her readers.

I want to make it clear that you do not have to be a superhero to save the world! The combined efforts of each and everyone of us to make our world a kinder place through our everyday interactions is where the revolution will happen.

Thank you, Megan, for having me on your blog this week! Keep up the great work! I got to run though, there’s a bank robbery I’ve got to go bust!

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