Month: February 2019

Peer Review #2

Tobi Cheung Tobi’s routine is a skincare blog where the creator, Tobi, provides her viewers with tips and tricks involving skincare, as well as her opinions on the best skincare products to use. Her blog features a clean and simple theme which are features people typically associate with good skincare products. Her simplistic design reminded me …

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Essay 1 – Finding True News in Democratized Social Media

Living in the age of the Internet, we are bombarded with information and media every single day. We are extremely fortunate to live in a country that allows social media platforms to be democratic spaces that allow and encourage dialogue between people, as there are countries in the world who censor the internet from their …

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Process Post 4 – Toxic Teenage Blogging

This week, we read an article titled, Digital dressing up: modelling female teen identity in the discursive spaces of the fashion blogosphere, by Tara Chittenden (2010). The reason why I am discussing it for this week’s Process Post is because it genuinely scared me and it’s a topic that, I believe, needs to be discussed more. Chittenden discusses in her article the dynamic between teenage girls and publishing …

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